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Fall 2008 Schley Chronicles

Posted : Sat, Nov 15, 2008 2:47 pm
Filed under : Riding

After a crazy summer of travel that took me to Europe 7 times, I found my self in heaven riding the sweet trails and high alpine terrain of my home, Whistler.

It all started with Brian Lopes coming to Whistler for a week to do some trail riding around the Whistler Valley that would be documented by team mate and photographer Manfred Stromberg from Germany.

A quick trip to Vegas for the Interbike trade show, would interrupt the riding bliss I was experiencing at home, but hey, who can say no to a wicked party with a bunch of their friends from around the globe!

Upon my return to Whistler, the weather was spectacular and the trails were perfect.

We headed straight for the alpine, which always has a bit of a short window because of snow.

Manfred and I found a bunch of new steep lines and even more pristine single track.

The next segment of my visit home would be all about love and union. Willow, my future wife and I, would be the center of attention at an engagement party, hosted by my best buddy James Collingridge. It was a total blast and was great to see all of our friends together in one room again.

The shift back to bike riding also had a love/union overtone. Twenty-one of the boys, headed to a very special secret spot in the BC mountains, to celebrate Wade Simmons bachelor party.

The 8.5 hour epic ride, was deemed as the best single track EVER! Stated by some very seasoned veterans.  The final decent of the ride was a solid hour of descending on the most pristine single track with the perfect pitch. It really was mind blowing.

The antics of the night were something to witness also, with Brett Tippie’s spectacular  living room acrobatics and Andreas Hestlers, strange, but funny displays of something or other.

I might have even gotten a bit rowdy, as did Simmons himself.

All and all it was a wicked time and only $1200 in damages.

Meanwhile back in Whistler the snow was starting to pile up, but my buddy the Dwayne (Red Dog) and I had one more fish to fry. There was one last alpine mission that needed to be hit before it was too late.

A four hour journey that would involve a shuttle, some climbing, and 2 hours of trudging through the snow, ended with yet another unbelievable decent. It couldn’t have seen more then 30 riders before us. The secrets that I am housing with all of these new rides, is killing me wanting to share them with others, but who gives away all of their secret stashes? Not I!

A short visit with my parents and on the road again.

I am riding in the fall colors in North Carolina with the Krazy Koerber Klan right now and headed to Mexico for some fun in the sun and time away from my bikes. Sad, but needed.

Stay tuned for more adventures, parties and good time.


Richie Schley Chronicles on Freecaster.tv

Posted : Tue, Nov 4, 2008 2:12 pm
Filed under : Events > Riding

Freeride legend Richie Schley has been featured in more videos than most film producers have made. Having gained so much experience as protagonist over the years, it’s no surprise that Richie became avid for being in control of a project. „I was really tired of wasting time on shoots and having to convince cameramen and producers that a shot was worthy, so I thought it would be great to ultimately have the final say,“ Richie states. „I also feel that I have a pretty good sense for what it takes to get the job done. That’s why I decided to produce my own video for a change.“

Schleyer hired Darcy Whitenburg (lead camera) and Colin Jones (edit, camera), the producers of Roam and The Collective, to film him over a period of three months at his favorite riding locations in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton. After a total of eleven days of filming and eight days of editing, the Richie Schley Chronicles were completed. “It was a very refreshing experience,” Richie remembers. “Darcy and CJ worked well with me and let me know when I was wrong about a call I made. This is a video I can really identify with because it show my favourite type of riding.“

Richie Schley’s new video has been launched on Freecaster.tv this weekend.

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