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North Carolina eh

Posted : Mon, May 11, 2009 11:03 am
Filed under : Riding

Richie follows Willow Koerber and then brother Ben, Koerber on “BK’s Wild Ride”

Thanks to the V.I.O Sport guys for making the cameras so easy to use.

Pizza and Bikes

Posted : Thu, May 7, 2009 9:38 am
Filed under : Riding

My first trip to Europe every year usually starts with a long flight, some jet lag, a reunion with my bikes that live in Europe, several glasses of fine wine with my boss Peter from Rotwild and off to Italy for some riding and great food. This year wasn’t much different. I met up with my best buddy James and my bikes (Rotwild; R.E.D Two, E1, and a new R.E.D. Three, so sick to have the quiver) and off we went, in some lame strange van/car.

First stop adidas. It amazes me that some one can get lost even with a navigation system, but I am that person. Ha!

It was well worth it to catch up with the people that keep me clothed from head to toe in the sickest clothing around.

Axel Birkhartd and his right hand man Marc Grandmontages were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with me and catch up on the happening of the mountain bike world.

After that, one of the coolest and most fun times of the year for me, shopping at Adidas.

My more feminine side, drives me to become crazy in this situation, with so many choices of the most awesome stuff to choose from. That is the way to start a road trip with some new threads.

Ten hours of driving, one sleep and a boat ride and we arrive in Elba, Italy to meet Wade Simpons, Turbo Lenzen and Moniolo(Marco Toniolo) as we call them. After a quick swim in the Mediterranean Sea, we are on the bikes.

Approaching the island of Elba, Italy.

Approaching the island of Elba, Italy.

Anywhere you ride on this island you can enjoy views of the sea and some history along the way. We stopped to take some shots at one of Napoleon’s hideouts. Cool!

After a week of Pizza, fish and some sweet riding, we loaded up the car and headed for Riva del Garda bike festival.

This is one of coolest places I have been in Europe. Beautiful lake with huge mountains shooting straight up out of the water and trails everywhere from past times of war.

The rain stopped as we arrived in the village and the sun came out just in time for the festivities to begin. This weekend is always a very busy time because everyone is trying to get some of my time, for one thing or another, but it is filled with riding with great people, photo shoots, partying and a lot of fantastic Italian food.

Some high lights from the weekend for me were the Shimano Saint rides with all of my riding buddies from home http://www.paul-lange.de/news/news/events_veranstaltungen/rivadelgarda2009/de,

Watching my teammate Marius Hoppinsack win the Saalbach/Hinterglem DJ event and the funny photo shoots with Freeride magazine.

I love Italy and this festival is the best of the year, so if you missed it, make sure you mark it on your calendar for next year.

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