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Richie Schley Earns his Mountain Bike Descent

Posted : Mon, Sep 9, 2013 6:08 pm
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Bike Hotel Bike’n Soul Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Posted : Mon, Nov 7, 2011 2:01 pm
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2012 Rotwild E1

Posted : Mon, Aug 29, 2011 1:32 pm
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Richie Schley Adventure Camp Saalbch

Posted : Wed, Jul 27, 2011 12:00 pm
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Richie Schley Adventure Camp at Saalbach from infinite trails on Vimeo.

Crankworx – Canadian Open Enduro

Posted : Thu, Jul 14, 2011 7:16 pm
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Canadian Open Enduro with Schley & Lopes from Crankworx on Vimeo.

Pinkbike Interview

Posted : Mon, Apr 25, 2011 9:34 am
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Bike Magazine Interview

Posted : Wed, Apr 13, 2011 9:47 am
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+ 5 names, that come in mind, when you think of freeriding
Wade Simmons, Darren Bearclaw, Scott Schmidtt, Matt Hunter, Brett Tippie

+ 5 products, , that come in mind, when you think of freeriding
Marzocchi(suspension) Saint, Protection(IXS), Full face helmets, back packs.

+ When did you think for the first time: this is freeriding?
When I was ripping down some trail, on a ridge, in Kamloops, with one the OG’s Craig Olson and Tippie(1991 or something) and we dropped off into the grassy steep forest and just made our own line like skiing. That was it.

+ When have you heard the expression freeriding for the first time in conection with biking?
I think in those days, I think we were saying it, before anyone because we were skiers and snowboarders and we used the terms Freeskiing and Freeriding for times of not racing.

+ happy, when freeriding turned away from the dropping crazyness and it was NOT about hucking crazy cliffs anymore?
Nope, I thought that was Freeriding. I think slopestyle, DJ and street are using this name, but it should be called Freestyle, freeriding is something free and not confined or competition. The word is so over used, because it is being used in correctly.

+ Which rider comes in mind when you think of style?
Brandon Semenuck, when it comes to Freestyle, and maybe CG when it comes to Big mountain and racing.

+ Which freeride product was totally useless?
Hmmm, good question. Those stupid huge saddles, Gazo 3.0 tires… I am sure I could think of a bunch more in this industry of freaky inventors, with gay ideas.

+ What was the biggest aberration in freeriding?
Oh man, don’t get me started. Ummm, jeans and t shirts for riding in bike parks and bad weather, the Super Heros jumping off everything Urban, street in general(no disrespect to Chase and Lenosky, those guys are so sick). Most of these thing I am saying can be summed up by this; “We should have tried harder to keep our owe identity and not tried so hard to be BMXers.”

+ Which moment of the freeride history will you not forget?
The first time Tippie and I did drops in Steep lines in Kamloops, Wade’s Marino Valley road gap and when Bearclaw did a high speed 360 at Crankworx off the road gap. He asked me if he should do it, and I said “Can you?” I was so impressed.

+ your Top-5 spots for freeriding?
Whistler, Saalbach, Kamloops, Laguna Beach, PDS

+ Which rider should havegotten more attention?
I think Ben Boyko got the shaft a bit, but he is an odd duck, so…
In the beginning Tippie and I’s buddy Craig Olson, should be credited with a lot more of the roots, but he was a, bit of an odd duck too.

+ When the trick trend started, When did you notice that you are out of the game?
I got third at the first Joyride Slopestyle in Whistler, 6th at the second one, then I think 12th or 15th, or something like that. It was time to let that part go.

+ Which trick/freeride move do you have fun doing like on the first day?
Still love doing no handers of shit that a lot of people won’t. That was my thing, I was always more cautious then Wade, Thomas…, but one I hit a big jump/drop/road gap, I would end up doing a no hander off it.

+ Which was your first real freeride bike that has deserved the name?
Rocky mountain Pipe Line.

+ your favorite freeride movie of all times?
Kranked One or Ride the Lightning

+ What or who has impressed you most in freeriding in the last years?

+ Freeriden – who has invented it?
Me, Tippie, and Craig Olson, in my opinion.

+ Is the FMB Tour the future of our sport?
I would parallel it to freestyle moto, it is a cool part of a very big, diverse sport.

+ If you had to do it all over – what would you change?
I would have taken the Rampage more seriously and tried to win one. Made better choices with women 😉

+ Which rider has a long future?
Probably Bearclaw, Cam McCaul.

+ What is the difference being a pro rider today compared with 10 years ago?
More pressure more money, more contests…, but more opportunities.

+ How high was your bigges drop?
Gay question. But, 6 meters, maybe.

+ Which test of courage makes you proud?
All of the big jumps and lines I have done, but the big rock face in Whistler, the RED rock, no one else has ridden it from where I have and many have looked at it, but can’t get their head around it. I am sure Wade would do it.

+ Do you think freeriding will make it into mainstream like Surfing, Skating or Snowboarding. If no, why not?
No, but maybe Slopestyle will.

Ryan Wants to Stoke you out – Episode 3 – Best Place on Earth

Posted : Sat, Nov 27, 2010 10:22 am
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Hans Rey’s speech for the Fro Riders induction into the Hall of Fame

Posted : Mon, Nov 15, 2010 11:35 am
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I am happy to introduce 3 men who had a big influence on the sport of mountain biking, and particularly the Freeride movement. As a matter of fact, they brought the word Freeride to our sport, adopted from Snowboarding. They  first made a name for themselves as the Fro Riders,  or Rocky Mountain Froriders, but since have all become household names in the mountain bike community with their respective names.

A interesting story from those days and how they became the Froriders is from the time when a certain bike company thought they owned the word “freeride” and told their lawyers to instruct Rocky Mountain Bicycles to stop using the term. Oh well, they did, but didn’t stop the evolution of Freeride, consequently they called themselves the Rocky Mountain Fro riders instead of the Rocky Mountain Freeriders., which was not only funny but it eventually made this other bike company realize that they couldn’t copyright or own the word freeride. Between their fros and their full face helmets it was initially not easy to put faces to these new kids on the block, but their actions spoke for themselves: huge air, massive drops, off –trail descents, and unique style.

AND, what the heck was a freeride team anyway? It took a while for the bike industry to accept this new trend and to realize that it wasn’t just a fad; and it was even harder for the established team managers of the racing teams to start sharing their marketing budgets with non-racers….. All this and more was part of the pioneer work these guys have done.

And, did I mention their riding skills yet? At a time when full suspension bikes where just growing out of their puberty and World Cup Downhill courses still included fireroads and uphill sections;  these guys started shredding steep chutes, gravel fields and drops with transitions. Hmmm, I thought, transitions that’s a pretty genius alternative to the drops to flat I was used to. They also helped catalyse the whole Video/ DVD  boom – over the years they starred in over 30 films and with all this they consequently pioneered the freeride events and contests, because, as you can imagine our racing driven team managers, media and consumers needed a measure for the existence of freeride teams, even though, at the time, competitions seemed a bit against the philosophy of freeriders? By the way I always thought the attitude and approach from freeriders has never been far off from what the original Klunkers did.

Quickly many mini trends developed from Slopestyle to Northshore – baggy pants became a fashion statements and people started to realize that going downhill and having fun can be accomplished with out the pain of riding bikes to the top first. Shuttleing slowly became acceptable and even ski resorts started to transport bikes up their lifts in the summer time.  Simutanously, Shaun Palmer, entered the Downhill Racing scene bringing with him attitude, style and tatoos. Mountain Biking now was forever split between the gravity and the endurance guys, it started to become ‘cool” and a lifestyle; much of this can be traced back to the doings of these three crazy Canucks from British Colombia.

All three of them had roots in BMX, combine that with their snowboarding or skiing backgrounds and things almost start to sound logical. A lot of these early influences came from these sports and not necessarily from the established mountain biking scene of those days, along with them came other riders, filmmakers, photographers and promoters from the skiing and boarding industry – and all them helped shape this new school movement. Slopes got steeper, drops and jumps got bigger and Tippie’s jokes stayed the same and nobody laughed  more about them than he himself. But that’s a different story.

The boys ruled the films and competitions and started snatching covershots from me…..

The 3 of them were a great combination as a team; an old interview maybe sums it up best: Richie the Professional, Wade the Natural, and Tippie the Rockstar.

Wade won the inaugural Red Bull Rampage in 2001, Richie created the first Slopestyle contest at Joyride now known as Crankworx and Tippie went bigger and higher than was imaginable at the time.

The rest is kind of history, but these guys were far from being done; to this day they ride professionally, travel the world, inspire people to ride and still having  as much fun as in those early days in Kamloops.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further odue : Richie Schley, Wade Simons and Brett Tippie  aka the Froriders.

Marzocchi 2012 Product testing

Posted : Mon, Nov 15, 2010 11:27 am
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mikelevy’s blog on pinkbike.

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